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Kryon is One!
The Ways To It Are Many!
New Science that can help you better understand
Kryon Channeling messages!

Kryon - metaphysical being, that can communicate with us through channelers - people who have channeling ability. These people receive special messages from metaphysical beings via special energy channel while being in a certain state of consciousness. Some people consider Kryon to be an angelic guide of our planet Earth. Metaphysical beings look over us and guide us in the process of our evolution and awakening towards the new consciousness of New or Golden Age.

Lee Carroll is probably the most famous person with the channeling ability and is considered to be the ambassador of Kryon by many. Lee Carroll spreads the higher knowledge from his channeling sessions around the world. All Kryon channeling messages contain deep truthful knowledge about the Nature of humans, highest purpose in life, how our world and universe are made, the Nature of energy and the need of Love in the highest meaning of this word. You can find messages from Kryon channeling sessions in the books written by Lee Carroll. Starting from 1988 Lee Carroll records his "live conversations" with Kryon and conducts "live channeling" sessions around the world.

Here, at the International Institute of Social Ecology, we call it
"psycho-ecology" or Infosomatics and we have worked in this field for the last 20 years!

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We want to give you truly deep knowledge in the laws of Nature and energy informational organization of a human. We want to give you practical knowledge of these laws so you can use them in your everyday life, stay healthy and be successful in business and personal relationships.

On the video: President of the International Institute of Social Ecology ,
Vyacheslav Gubanov.

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We have more than 10 hours of videos, articles and many techniques available for FREE on our website and here is the reason why:

Perhaps many of you will find our ways of explaining the Purpose of life, the Laws of Nature and how our Universe is made much easier to comprehend!

It fully corresponds to information in Kryon channeling sessions. We give explanations using innovational physics, visualizations and techniques the effect of which you can feel right away!

Our research will be interesting for many of those who are new to Kryon channeling sessions. Those of you who have been following Kryon for a long time can find that our explanations will broaden the understanding of the messages.

Message from Kryon channeling session to the teachers!!

Selection from the book "Kryon--The End Times: New Information for Personal Peace"

Pay special attention to those coming into balance for the first time! There will be many, due to my work. Teach the new ones about who they are and how they can have peace of mind and how they can love themselves through the recognition of the entity they really are. Psychological balance will result with spiritual enlightenment. Make a place in your teachings for simplicity. Remember that who you are now is a result of many years of gradual discernment, and that the new ones cannot absorb this all at once. They will come because of the love they feel... drawn to the new consciousness. Always remember that your primary efforts are to teach balance through love. It is not necessary to teach them the universal "workings of things" as you know them. Let them leave in peace without forcing anything on them. They will have enough balance to continue. Some will remain with you for further training so they can join the transmutation efforts.

If you know how to really use the full potential of your brain, you follow the Laws of Nature and the mission of your own spirit, then health, success in business and in personal life are just side effects!
Learn about the practical approach to the wisdom of Kryon.

The foundation of psycho-ecology is the law of transformation of the information from the higher planes of matter existence into the material plane of our world taking into account the flow of time.

 kryon 2012 channelling
Picture 1. Stable Planes of Matter Existence (SPME) diagram.

According to this law, the human form or physical body is an object that exists on the material plane and it is formed according to the informational processes and programs that exist on the higher planes of matter existence (Astral, Mental, Causal, Bodhi and Atman planes of matter existence. There are even higher planes of matter existence). This law explains that problems with our body or sicknesses are the results of trouble in the informational programs that exist in the human energy bodies of higher planes.

Kryon 2012
Picture 2. Embedded succession of form creating matrixes for the complex of interacting human bodies of higher dimensions.

As most people have a brain ;) it works as a very complicated radar system that can receive and transmit information/energy. Our brain has zones that are responsible for different parts of our body and through these zones energy is transmitted through biologicaly active points and concentrates in energy centers of a human or chakras. This process creates energy shell or Aura (you can learn more about human Aura and other shells by following the link).

Kryon sessions
Picture 3. Human brain as a radar system that can receive and transmit information/energy.

Infosomatics has special techniques and tools for Aura diagnosis, as well as diagnosis of other human bodies on the higher plane (mental body, causal body etc.). Tools for diagnosis help to identify the real causes of sicknesses and problems in life, while the techniques help to correct disturbed informational programs on the higher planes.

channelling by Kryon
Picture 4. Energy-informational levels of interaction.

Our science will help you better understand the wisdom of Kryon, explain the process of channeling using the laws of physics, guide you on your way towards correct worldview for the XXI Century and give you practical tools for your everyday life.

Full video from the seminar and the interview!:

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kryon 2012
Download this video for free!

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On video: president of IISE, Vyacheslav Gubanov

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The full video from the seminar and the interview!

Kryon channelling Lee Carroll
Download this video for free!
Download this video for free!